Phase 2

Another week, another new set of confusing rules of lockdown to abide by. I have absolutely no money and nowhere to go anyway so who cares if the next apocalypse happens. I only have a very few select goals and they all involve being at home in front of my computer so it makes no difference to me. This week was project week, 2 group projects in fact. We had some very good talks regarding the mental health app we’re making using react native expo, goodness knows what the actual difference is. I have high hopes for the group, everyone is very able and willing to contribute and that can only bode well for the future success and direction of the project. There are some new technologies I will need to get a grip of such as Redux but I’m sure it can only benefit me in the long run. It feels exciting developing an actual product following agile methods and TDD once again after what feels like a lifetime ago working on final project. I do miss team working as it can get a bit lonely coding and being frustrated by yourself all day long. Being frustrated at broken code is infinitely more fun with someone to share the pain with. Having real people use the app instead of just developing for your portfolio also adds an increased pressure but a welcome one, It will be interesting hearing feedback on the app once its all done and dusted.

The progress for my other group project Prepare to code has been sluggish to say the least, people are struggling to commit their time and at this point it would be nice just to get some initial code or plans out the door. Currently theres a battle for supremacy over using either Next or Gatsby for the project and I have yet to decide which will win as I have done research on neither.

On the whole I feel more confident using react day by day and am putting the finishing touches on a few solo projects before a personal portfolio is worked on. On the job front, many applications are still going out the door but the constant rejection makes me feel I am fighting a huge wave of competitors and perhaps choosing jobs a bit out of my pay bracket. I would always argue I deserve it but clearly others thought better..



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