Guardians of the Job Hunt Vol 2

Matthew Lock
3 min readSep 26, 2020


So I’ve decided to make these blogs a bi-weekly event, why do you ask? I know those of you reading this will be distraught but the truth is I like to ramble on a bit. A week’s worth of content would probably only cover a paragraph or so, to combat this I’ll be writing every 2 weeks instead.

Onto Week 1, it’s now my third week of being a jobless bum, but I haven’t let it affect my spirits too much. On the one hand I’ve applied for my first jobs since the course yay mee! But on the other hand I should have hurried myself along, there’s always that problem when you don’t set a deadline for yourself. Everyday it’s a constant struggle with procrastination and trying to be productive. The challenge is not to set too high of a weekly goal for yourself. Once I was happy and sent off the first application, the others quickly followed, all it takes is just getting that first one out the door, the first of many…

I’ve also been joining in with a React workshop in a bid to not become totally rusty at coding during this initial job hunt phase. It’s been good fun so far and a tech that is hugely popular currently will only serve to make me more employable in this climate. I’m planning on revisiting some past work next week as it’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and coded in Ruby, so plenty to look forward to.

Week 2, I’ve just updated my CV with a new style which hopefully will be less controversial than version 1. I do like to cause trouble and be a menace to society. The beginning of the week was very slow productivity wise, I continued on with the React workshops and good progress was being made there. The job hunt was non existent until Wednesday which is just awful, although to be fair I had a day out on Tuesday so can’t be too hard on myself. I set myself a target of 10 job applications for the week, and writing down weekly goals really helped me to know what I was aiming for and to keep myself accountable. I will steadily be increasing the number of applications each week but also keeping a balance between what coding goals will be and dedicating sufficient time towards that so I don’t become rusty. Thursday was also Becks last week at Makers who’s a career coach there, it was sad to see her go as she has helped me a lot with my CV and job hunt stuff in general, she will be sorely missed by all Makers I’m sure.

Towards the end of the week, I started going over some old course material with a view to completing some of the work on my Github. I hate leaving things unfinished especially out there for the whole world to see, I had already decided I wanted to go over some of the course material once the bootcamp had concluded. I must say the knowledge of figuring what each piece of code was even from week 1 came back to me very quickly and I found I had a deeper understanding now than the first time round.