Grinch steals Christmas

Matthew Lock
3 min readJan 17, 2021

What a strange year it has been, I can scarcely believe it’s Christmas next week. How time flies when you are locked up inside all year. Without the usual Christmas songs on repeat at retailers and McDonald’s that festive anticipation of Christmas is really lacking. I haven’t been to the shops much for fear of my life or listened to any Christmas songs the only thing left to save Christmas would be a white one but I’m not holding my breathe. I am looking forward to a bit of a break though from everything and just eating loads and living the potato life.

This week i’ve been back on the group projects as its the last week and I think we’ve made good progress for the amount of time we have all spent working together. I’ve also been spending a bit more time on some of my numerous unfinished projects with a view to finishing some of them. It never did sit right with me that there were so many unfinished projects on my Github but slowly I’m going through them and knocking them off the list. Starting new projects is never the issue, it’s the starting them, getting stuck and then never finishing them part. Never learn anything if you always work on what you find easy or know. So I’m persisting oh so slowly to finishing at least a couple before the end of this miserable year.

I’ve also gotten back on the exercising trail after a long time off and trying to build up some regular habits. I understand with it being so close to Christmas I might as well just start in the New Year but really the sooner you build up the habits the easier it will be in the New Year so why not get a head start?

Photo by Chad Madden on Unsplash

With Christmas this week there were a few errands to run compared to a usual week. Especially with the chaos a lockdown Christmas brings, which means no households mixing. People you would normally see and have over for Christmas are now consigned to people you see through windows or on a porch. This week I pushed myself to apply for a couple of jobs each day and also work on some personal projects with the view of taking a few days off at Christmas. I found myself lying awake at night thinking about how to improve my code and what further I can do with my projects which is never a good sign. Burnout is inevitable when you can’t even sleep properly without thinking about code. So needless to say I was looking forward to Christmas for a well deserved break from the computer. On a coding front I revisited week 7 of Makers as I really struggled that week understanding and implementing single page webpages with Vanilla JS. I was determined to get my understanding down before Christmas and was amazed at the work I was able to accomplish when I’m able to dedicate my whole day towards a single task without other commitments.

Christmas rolled around and I spent my day eating lots of food and watching home alone, classic. I’m going on a total film binge especially as there are now so many streaming platforms available to watch xmas films on and I don’t need to be restricted to the tv guide. I suspect I will do some coding next week in between new years but for now have a Merry Christmas all!