Am I physically set-up for success?

Matthew Lock
3 min readOct 12, 2020

After making a real push to churn out 10 job applications last week, I thought I’d hold myself to a higher standard and turn up the dial to 15. Now I know it’s about quality not quantity but there has to be a balance somewhere and I’m trying to find that balance. On top of that, there’s also the old juggling trick of making sure I’m learning new skills and practicing my coding which I’m happy to say I fully achieved this week. The react workshop I’ve been following along to for the past month has now drawn to a close unfortunately but I have picked up bits and bobs along the way, all of which will be invaluable to me when I eventually make a start on my personal portfolio website. This week was working on API’s specifically the Github one along with my first experience of GraphQL, so I’ve learnt what the hell GraphQL actually is and how to utilize it, sounds like a successful week to me.

I spent some time also going over early Makers work in a bid to not leave everything totally unfinished. It’s all coming along nicely but I feel I need to focus on the few pinned and then start new projects as that will be best for my development.

I also got myself a lovely new external monitor as I was tired of squinting all day long at the macbook screen wondering how to debug the matrix. I have no idea apart from moneywise why i didn’t splash out previously for an new monitor, it has made coding and googling stack overflow so much easier.

After completely burning out last week and feeling I got many job applications out I decided to be kind to myself and only hold myself to 12 applications for the week. This slightly less ambitious goal would allow me to spend more time focussing on areas of programming I wasn’t too strong on. I mean what’s the point of firing off loads of applications getting the interview and then flopping at the technical. I don’t think my heart and sweaty armpits could take it. By all accounts this was a fairly standard week, I also spent time working on a react expenses tracker to get more familiar, I have somewhat finished now even though I know there will always be more to do. But it works and doesn’t look like total garbage off the street so it’s passable to be on my GitHub. Aside from personal projects I also signed up to 2 team projects, one for Makers redesigning the prepare to code website aimed at providing everything prospective students and veterans will ever need to sell their soul to coding. The other was a mental health app aimed at keeping track of your achievements in this covid era we are currently living through. The app is aimed to be released on both the playstore and appstore sometime in the not too distant future in a galaxy far far away. So keep your eyes peeled or just continue following the blog, that works too. Both projects would be utilizing React or react native which suits me down to the ground as I do have grand plans to start on my own website soon. Just need to start on the planning stage which is going to great fun on sketch or some other sketching software.

So that’s it for this week, next week will be back to projects week so will soon have more drama ready for everyone, stay tuned, stay healthy all!